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+GF+ CONTAIN-IT Plus Double Containment

Newcastle Industrial Plastics Authorised Suppliers
Newcastle Industrial Plastics Georg Fisher Contain-it
07 April 2014

+GF+ CONTAIN-IT Plus Double Containment

Newcastle Industrial Plastics are now authorised suppliers of Georg Fischer CONTAIN-IT Plus Double Containment Piping Systems.

In the plastic piping industry, dual containment piping (also known as double containment piping) is used to securely and safely transport highly corrosive materials such as sulfuric acid used in the leaching of rare earth minerals.

In the event that the first containment material is breached (the inner pipe breaks), then the second containment material (the outer pipe) is there to stop the exposed aggressive material from leaking out and into the environment.

Using dual containment piping creates other advantages. The space between the piping can be used to detect leakages and alert parties responsible for cleanup and maintenance. Visual or electronic leak detection units can be installed via a termination fitting. This space can also be used to contain a cooling agent to help stabilise the temperature of the inner pipe.

The applications for this technology are extensive and include: The mining industry, water crossings, effluent treatment plants, battery manufacturing, chemical industry, power plants etc. Available materials include: C-PVC, PE100, PP-H and PVDF.

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