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Product Range

Suppliers of superior industrial plastic products, fittings and piping systems

Product overview

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Newcastle Industrial Plastics offer versatile PE100 HDPE long spigots for both buttwelding and electrofusion systems. Including stub flanges, elbows, tees, elongated bends, junctions, reducers, barrel unions, poly ball valves and accessories, male and female threaded adaptors as well as end caps.

Plus we can custom build elongated spigot fittings to your specific requirements. Additionally we supply radius bends, in an increasing catalogue of sizes, including short and long radius sweep bends and multibends.

Readily available in 20 – 500mm at SDR11 (16 Bar/PN16) and SDR17 (10 Bar/PN10).

nip-pe100-hdpe-long-spigot-elbow-45-degree Long Spigot Elbows 45 Degrees nip-pe100-hdpe-long-spigot-elbow-90-degree Long Spigot Elbows 90 Degrees
nip-pe100-hdpe-long-spigot-equal-tee Long Spigot Equal Tees nip-pe100-hdpe-long-spigot-reducer Long Spigot Reducers
nip-pe100-hdpe-long-spigot-stub-flange Long Spigot Stub Flanges nip-pe100-threaded-adaptor-female Female Threaded Adaptors
nip-pe100-threaded-adaptor-male Male Threaded Adaptors nip-pe100-hdpe-long-spigot-end-cap Long Spigot End Caps
 Brass Threaded Adaptor Female Female Brass Threaded Adaptors  nip-pe100-hdpe-brass-threaded-unions-male Male Brass Threaded Unions
 nip-pe100-hdpe-brass-threaded-adaptor-male Male Brass Threaded Adaptors nip-pe100-hdpe-galv-steel-roll-groove-transition-adaptor Spigot to Galvanised Roll Groove Transition Adaptors
nip-pe100-hdpe-galv-steel-transition-adaptor Galvanised Steel Transition Adaptors PE100 HDPE Ball Valve Full Port Ball Valves (Full Port)



Newcastle Industrial Plastics supply a range of butt weld specific fittings suited to pre-fabricated pipework. Including stub flanges, end caps, reducers, shouldered ends and couplings.

We can also custom fabricate buttwelding fittings to your specific requirements. Additionally we supply radius bends, in an increasing catalogue of sizes including, short and long radius sweep bends and multibends.

Readily available in SDR11 (16 Bar/PN16) and SDR17 (10 Bar/PN10).

nip-butt-weld-end-caps Butt Weld End Caps nip-butt-weld-reducers Butt Weld Reducers
nip-butt-weld-shouldered-ends Butt Weld Shouldered Ends nip-butt-weld-stub-flanges Butt Weld Stub Flanges
nip-butt-weld-elongated-short-radius-bends Elongated Short Radius Bends 90 Degrees nip-galvanised-shouldered-couplings Galvanised Shouldered Couplings
nip-pontoon-caps Pontoon Caps nip-short-radius-bends Short Radius Bends 90 Degrees
nip-sweep-bends-45 Sweep Bends 45 Degrees nip-sweep-bends-90 Sweep Bends 90 Degrees



Newcastle Industrial Plastics supply a range of PE Piping Systems compatible galvanised and stainless steel backing rings and blind flanges. Including common drill patterns from Table D and E, ANSI150, AS2129, DIN and Chinese.

Additionally, we can custom make backing rings to your specific requirements.

nip-backing-rings-table-D Galvanised Backing Rings Table D nip-backing-rings-table-E Galvanised Backing Rings Table E
nip-backing-rings-ansi150 Galvanised Backing Rings ANSI150 nip-backing-rings-DIN Galvanised Backing Rings DIN
nip-blind-flanges-table-D Galvanised Blind Flanges Table D nip-blind-flanges-table-E Galvanised Blind Flanges Table E
nip-blind-flanges-ansi150 Galvanised Blind Flanges ANSI150 nip-pump-flanges-china Galvanised China Pump Flanges
nip-316-ss-backing-rings-table-D-E 316 Stainless Steel Backing Rings Table D & E nip-316-ss-backing-rings-ansi150 316 Stainless Steel Backing Rings ANSI150
nip-316-ss-blind-flanges-table-D-E 316 Stainless Steel Blind Flanges Table D & E nip-316-ss-blind-flanges-ansi150 316 Stainless Steel Blind Flanges ANSI150



Newcastle Industrial Plastics are Australian suppliers of quality, made-to-order long radius sweep bends. Ranging in all pressure ratings up to 1200mm in diameter with angles of 90, 60, 45 and 30 degrees. Our sweep bends are specifically designed to retain shape, integrity and improve flow characteristics thereby reducing wear and maintenance. Standard sweep bend angles are available in stock, custom angles can be fabricated to suit your specific requirements.

All sweeps are manufactured in one continuous piece from PE100 pressure pipe to AS/NZS 4129 and for both buttwelding and electrofusion.

We can then freight to any location with your preferred carrier with the option to nominate transport type and payment methods.



Newcastle Industrial Plastics is a leading supplier of the highest quality plastic piping systems, including pipe, fittings and valves. Sourcing from a wide range of reputable European manufacturers, we are confident we can supply the right product for your job.


Newcastle Industrial Plastics have designed and developed a range of cyclone overflows to meet your needs. Our design reduces wearing, improving longevity and performance. We also provide a refurbishment service for our clients, improving turnaround time and reducing losses in production.


Our reducing tees are specifically designed for tailings distribution. The tees are formed to reduce flow resistance and improve the life span of pipework. Reducing tees are suitable for all applications and the transport of liquids and slurries.

How we can help you

Newcastle Industrial Plastics specialise in custom plastic fabrication up to 1000mm pipe, designed to meet your specific requirements. Fabrication and design combined with expertise and the control of an industrial CNC router, mean we deliver quality cutting, fast! In accurate, intricate forms and multiple batch ordering. Still need more help? We also provide onsite polywelding and installation, experienced across a broad range of industries, sites and safety standards.